New San Francisco Giants Batting Practice Hat

By Bryan Rose

Chances are, outside of a few pictures or some shaky Iphone video from the cheap seats, you haven’t seen much action during the San Francisco Giants’ first three Spring contests. And given that, you might not have seen the new lids the Giants have been rocking this Spring.

Major League Baseball finally decided to get rid of those ugly two-toned flex-fit caps that teams wore during batting practice and replaced them with the more traditional style (these are now fitted), but, with a bit of an update.

I’ll let handle the marketing aspect:

  • The new high tech lightweight performance diamond textured fabric is tested and proved with added breath-ability, performance sweatband and moisture wicking to keep the wearer dry and cool.
  • Also features 50+ UPF protection to protect the skin it covers from UV light.
  • 100% performance polyester.

The hat now features a very tiny honeycomb (they call it “diamond shape”) texture along with an updated Giants logo that has a black outline as opposed to the non-outlined “SF” logo on their regular season game caps. Most teams have a new or at least updated color scheme and/or logo.

I’m personally not a huge fan of the orange bill for every day usage, but, it works well for the park.

If interested in the new design, you can pick your new cap up at the team store, or