MLB The Show 13 Team Ranks – San Francisco Giants Ranked 17th

By Bryan Rose

Huh. Who knew being the defending World Series Champions (and winners of two out of the past three) was good for not even being in the top half of teams in the league – at least, according to the much anticipated MLB The Show: 13.

Of course, rankings are just that – rankings – they mean little, especially in something as trivial as a video game, but dammit *stomps feet* SEVENTEENTH?

Behind that bastard Dinger and the Colorado Rockies? Seriously!?!? MLB The Show, great as it is, hasn’t even been heralded for its ranking system, which includes the Rockies having two players ranked 99 – so the end results appear to be a bit skewed and top heavy, but you’d have thought the Giants would’ve placed a wee bit higher.

Thankfully, with game updates, the production team at Sony can easily make a change if they deem it worthy, which they will after my 538 angry e-mails I’ve sent1!!1!

The Giants placed 22nd offensively, 9th in pitching and 10th in defense.

Below you’ll find the complete rankings and if you want to check it out further, head over to Operation Sports who has the complete listing of all teams and their respective rankings:

"1- Detroit Tigers2- St. Louis Cardinals3- Boston Red Sox4- Los Angeles Angels5- Toronto Blue Jays6- Texas Rangers7- Washington Nationals8- Atlanta Braves9- Cincinnati Reds10- Philadelphia Phillies11- New York Yankees12- Los Angeles Dodgers13- Colorado Rockies14- Chicago White Sox15- Arizona Diamondbacks16- Tampa Bay Rays17- San Francisco Giants18- Oakland Athletics19- Kansas City Royals20- Milwaukee Brewers21- Baltimore Orioles22- Pittsburgh Pirates23- Seattle Mariners24- Cleveland Indians25- San Diego Padres26- Minnesota Twins27- Chicago Cubs28- New York Mets29- Miami Marlins30- Houston Astros"