San Francisco Giants & City To Build Anchor Brewery Across From McCovey Cove

By Bryan Rose

For years, the land across from AT&T Park on the other side of McCovey Cove has set relatively idle. Sure – the Giants have held random events in the area and there has been some small activity at times, but generally, it’s been  unincorporated. That will no longer be the case as big plans are in place.

Today, the San Francisco Giants and the city announced plans to construct a 212,000-square-foot waterfront Anchor Stem brewery on Pier 48. While there’s no definitive word as to the completion date, it’s being “hoped” that the building will be ready by 2016.

In addition the brewery, the Giants (who own the land at Mission Rock) and the city plan to build 1,500 apartments along with retail stores and office space. There’s no word on if those structures will also be complete by the hoped 2016 window of if those will be finished at a later time.

What happens to the parking lot remains to be seen – though – I’d venture to guess we may see a parking structure in the near future.

Either way – it’s promising on a handful of accounts – both for the city and Giants.

A big thanks to for the artistic rending of the proposed Anchor Brewery.