San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain Talks Perfect Game, World Series & Video Games

By Bryan Rose

October 31, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Cain (right) rides in a car during the World Series victory parade at Market Street. The Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers in a four-game sweep to win the 2012 World Series. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When you travel around the country for up to eight months out of the year – you have a lot of downtime, downtime that usually results in you and your teammates playing video games. So, it makes sense that Matt Cain – along with many of his fellow teammates spend countless hours infront of their PS3’s and Xbox’s.

Unfortunately for Cain, Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria appears to have the upper hand off the field – at least when it comes to mock war games.

The two battled recently, testing out some new maps in the Call of Duty, Black Ops II game where Longoria bested Cain three games to none, but the Giants’ ace wasn’t phased as he plans to craft his skills on road trips this year.

Cain talked with Yahoo’s The Post Game recently – delving into topics like his offseason, where he said he finally took a break after a long year, the upcoming season, Spring Training, the best video game players on the team and his love of San Francisco:

"Speaking of San Francisco, you’ve been there your whole career. You have a great relationship with the city, you even own a house in the Bay Area. How rewarding has it been for you to stay with the Giants since you came into the league?CAIN: It’s been great. Just being brought up in the organization since 2002. And then going through some rough years and then all of a sudden being able to have it pay off and be at the top of it. It’s been pretty cool to see that and see how the organization runs.They’ve done a great job of keeping it relaxed and pretty similar from year to year. They’ve really never tried to drastically overdo anything."

You can read the rest of Cain’s interview by clicking here.