Season in Review: Brandon Crawford (@bcraw35)

By Stuart Jones

Affectionately known as “Stamos” to some, Brandon Crawford definitely went above and beyond expectations this year, although it’s safe to say things did not start so smoothly with the leather, he would make up for it later in the year, say, the rest of the year and some time in October especially.

When Crawford put up a .204/.288./.296 line with a .265 wOBA and 3 HR in 2011, the general public wasn’t sure what to think of the kid from Pleasanton, but really what other options did the Giants have to consider at short (that weren’t older than dirt)? So they put him in the Fall League, he did well, some of us twitterers kind of mocked the Giants, and then Crawford has a .307 BABIP (compared to a .228 BABIP n 2011) en route to a .248/.304/.349 line with a .284 wOBA and 4 HR in 2012.

What we are coming to expect from Brandon Crawford is that, like any other young player that makes a living in the Majors, he will get a little bit better at the plate, but we shouldn’t be expecting any big power hitting from the dude that is golden with the glove. His spot is in the 8-hole, and if that BABIP stays in that 2012 range, the Giants should be plenty happy with his contributions. I wouldn’t say he has any legitimate threats in-house to overtake him, so unless the Giants land someone in a trade or free agency, Brandon Crawford could be gracing the field of AT&T Park for the next three-five years, and I’d be willing to bet he’s OK with that.