Yahoo Sports Ranks San Francisco Giants Offseason 8th In MLB

By Bryan Rose

Oct 25, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; A San Francisco Giants fan holds up a sign during the eighth inning of game two of the 2012 World Series against the Detroit Tigers at AT

Play on the West Coast and you get no respect. Just seems to be the way it works.

If it was the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees coming off two World Series victories in three seasons, you’d be hard pressed to imagine them being ranked so low – but that’s the case for the San Francisco Giants who Yahoo ranked 8th in their offseason rankings.

Keeping essentially the same roster intact wasn’t enough for Yahoo’s Jeff Passan – nor was getting Angel Pagan at a much cheaper discount than say the Atlanta Braves, who shed more dollars to B.J. Upton than the 49ers did at Penthouse this past week.

"So even though keeping together the 2012 team that ran roughshod through the back end of the postseason meant giving Pagan a $40 million deal less than two years after he couldn’t beat Gary Matthews Jr. for a job. And handing $20 million to Scutaro for three seasons, going that extra year other teams wouldn’t for the 37-year-old. And spending the final $18 million on Affeldt, a good left-handed reliever, sure, but not $6 million-a-year’s worth, and certainly – as is the case for any reliever – not three years’ worth."

In all honesty, Passan really didn’t have anything negative to say about the Giants outside of the fact that he feels they spent too much money on talent that doesn’t deserve it – and he may have a point when all is said and done. But then again – the teams he’s apparently going to be ranking ahead of the Giants did many of the same things, so the argument has a few holes in it.

That said – rankings are just rankings and I’m pretty sure the boys on the field couldn’t care less.

Just wait until 95% of pundits crown the Dodgers National League Champions.