San Francisco Giants Barry Zito Helps Sing A Song About Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o

By Bryan Rose

San Francisco Giants starter Barry Zito has a pretty dry sense of humor – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. The Giants’ pitcher recently appeared on the Adam Corolla Show along with his friend Kelley James and the two sang (Zito more played than sang) a song entitled Manifold and Manti Te’o.

Yes – that Manti Te’o. Do I really need to get into that story one more time?

As Off The Bench points out, you’ll probably wonder why Corolla continually refers to Zito as James and James as Zito – that’s because last week, the two appeared on Good Day LA to promote the A Night For the Troops benefit concert in Hollywood. The “award winning” host, Steve Edwards, didn’t exactly know who Zito was as he directed all baseball questions to James. You can watch the awkward hilarity by clicking here.

In fairness to Edwards, there were plenty of times in the past few years I wished I didn’t know who Zito was either.