Despite Poor Workout, New York Mets Still Looking At Brian Wilson

By Bryan Rose

August 9, 2011; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson (38) stands in the dugout during the first inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at AT

Yesterday, we learned that the New York Mets weren’t exactly thrilled with the performance they saw in a private workout with Brian Wilson recently. The Bearded One, coming off his second Tommy John operation, looked “behind schedule” according to those who watched him and offering him a contract with numbers he’d be okay with seemed like it was out of the question.

Then again – when you had to watch Frank Francisco try to close games for a season, anything looks better.

Now, according to Marc Carig, while the Mets still aren’t interested in giving Wilson the contract he wants – they are open to discussion on a deal – it just needs to be much more team friendly:

"Source: Mets still haven’t closed the door on a major league deal for former Giants closer Brian Wilson."

Reports have said that the Mets are willing to sign Wilson, assuming he’s okay with taking a contract full of incentives – which sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it?!

Being back on the East Coast and knowing he’ll have little to zero competition for the closer role could be enough of a lure for Wilson to take a similar contract from the Mets, though, given the persona he’s built in San Francisco and the fact they’re coming off of two World Series victories in three seasons – would you leave that for similar money?