Season in Review: Xavier Nady

By Stuart Jones

I think I’ve taken the responsibility of writing up nearly every fringe MLB OF the Giants had this year, so jump on the carousel, Xavier Nady, it’s your turn to be written about! Released on July 29th from the Nationals where he was pretty much stinking up the joint, Sabes took a chance on him and brought him on board in August, though it was to the Farm in Fresno. His debut for the Giants in Chicago was memorable, and will be probably the only thing I remember about him as a Giant:

What’s funny about what the X-man did with the Giants is that overall, he was what you would accept for a backup: only 19 G, but a .240/.333/.400 with a .324 wOBA, and a positive fWAR? Cash that check, thank you very much.

Nady did get to see some postseason game action against Cincy, but that’s all Boch would use him for. Not even to be the DH in Game 4 of the World Series. Nady now gets to go out and brag about his two World Series rings to his new friends in Kansas City, where he will be trying out for a spot on the ML roster.

Safe travels and good luck, Mr. Nady. It would be nice to see the Royals do well, and do well because of you.