Season in Review: Marco Scutaro

By Stuart Jones

Marco Scutaro was traded to the Giants from the Rockies for Charlie Culberson. The journeyman infielder now has a home and is signed to a 3-year/$20 million deal, or in other words, what Barry Zito will be making in 2013 alone. If you trade for a guy mid-season and then give him three guaranteed years, he must’ve done something good. Actually, he did plenty of things good. Or well. Whatever, I majored in Japanese.

We, the fans, know that the legend of Marco Scutaro will likely come from the Postseason of 2012 alone, but his two different seasons were just as remarcoble (ha! get it?!?). With the Rockies (95 games) and the Giants (61 games) in the regular season, you have these differences:

  • Slash line: .271/.324/.361 with COL vs. .362/.385/.473 with SF
  • OPS+: 73 and 145
  • 2B: 16 and 16
  • wOBA: .303 and .370
  • wRC+: 75 and 137
  • fWAR: 0.6 and 1.9

So much for that Coors Field advantage and everything, but maybe playing for a winning team can just change the way you prepare, I don’t know.

After his relatively quiet NLDS, Scutaro made up for it in a huge way by getting on base more than half the time against the Cardinals, and being part of a revenge squad that took out Matt Holliday and his St. Louis buddies, while in the process, being a part of an image that will live in San Francisco Giants history forever.