EBaying With The San Francisco Giants – 2010 World Series On-Deck Circle

By Bryan Rose

Every so often here at Around The Foghorn, we like to scour the internet for that off the wall, oddball type thing that even the most hardcore Giant fan probably doesn’t have in their arsenal. Sometimes it’s something as simple as an absurdly ugly yet incredibly expensive 1993 Starter jacket (don’t you wish you hung onto it?!) – other times its a piece of Seal Stadium. Today though – we hit the mother load.

Up for auction on EBay is an on-deck circle from the 2010 World Series that was used by the Texas Rangers in Game 1 and Game 2 in San Francisco. Now granted, it wasn’t used by the Giants but still – how often are you going to pick up an MLB authenticated on-deck circle from the Giants’ first World Series win in 56 years?

Of course, bringing this bad boy home wont be cheap as the going rate is nearly $2,500 with an additional $75 bucks to ship and the need to have a custom acrylic case made to display it. Unless of course you’re going to lay it down in your hallway and take some swings on it.

If you have a few grand to blow (can I borrow some?) and have a need for a game used, World Series on-deck circle, get to bidding – you only have a few days.