Season in Review: Justin Christian

By Stuart Jones

Sometimes putting up above average numbers in Fresno can mean good things for you. Other times, you’re probably a fringe MLB player, and sorry to say, but Justin Christian fits that mold pretty well, but if you use your fringe guys properly, they can be useful. Though he signed on November 17th with the Cardinals that includes a Spring Training invitation, Christian gets a ring for his time with the Giants in 2012, even if it was only sixty-one plate appearances and two stolen bases. Justin was there on the bench mainly to run the outfield, to platoon with Gregor Blanco if things ever got real bad, or to run, because the dude can zoom. Remember this catch where JC put it all out there at Dodger Stadium?

A real beauty, but a shame he hurt himself on that catch.

It would be unfair to poop on his -2 wRC+ or his -0 OPS+ (yes, it says “-0” on b-ref), because if you’re going to look at him, you got to know what you’re getting yourself into. You hope that, even though he’s closer to his mid-30’s than being 30, he can put together a Blanco-like season, since you know his floor is providing AAA depth. I know I speak for everyone here and wish Justin nothing but the very best going forward, and hope he never beats the Giants with the Cardinals, or any other team, really.