New York Mets Looking At San Francisco Giants’ Angel Pagan

By Bryan Rose

A year after trading Angel Pagan to the San Francisco Giants, the New York Mets may have had a change of heart. According to ESPNNewYork, the Metropolitans are looking at a reunion with Pagan, who spent parts of four seasons in the Met outfield:

"But a second team insider now also has insisted the Mets likely will spend for one quality outfielder. The source said don’t even rule out a return of Angel Pagan to Flushing, although the person cautioned it’s waaaaaay to early to speculate on that. There’s no direction yet for how high the market will get for Pagan."

Pagan, who was waiting until the market was set (which it has now been, thanks to B.J. Upton) is looking to cash in on his solid year for the orange and black and certainly seems to have no shortage of suitors with more seeming to appear daily.

So while the Braves have bowed out for the services of Pagan, it appears the Giants have another potential landing spot to deal with in the Pagan lottery.