A Puke Here, A Puke There – San Francisco Giants Showing Interest In Shane Victorino?

By Bryan Rose

In the never ending merry-go-round that is outfield insurance if Angel Pagan was to leave via free agency, the San Francisco Giants appear to have at some mild interest in just about everybody who can roam center field – including Shane Victorino, much to the dismay of orange and black faithful.

At least, that’s what Jon Heyman says:

"At least seven teams — the Reds, Indians, Yankees, Rangers, Giants, Rays and Red Sox — are believed to be interested in Shane Victorino, one of four excellent center fielders in a strong but still developing market."

In all seriousness, given Victorino’s recent sub-par play, age and the fact that he’s still looking to cash in on a three year deal, I have a hard time seeing any legit interest from the Giants unless it was in an emergency situation where they had few other options. That’s not to say the interest couldn’t grow if the Giants get spurned by Pagan or anybody else they have on their list, but it seems just as much of a ploy by Victorino’s agent as it does the Giants having any actual interest in the Flyin’ Hawaiian.

Plus, I mean, come on…

Eli – The Savior