Opposing Teams Showing Interest In Giants’ Marco Scutaro As Third Basemen

By Bryan Rose

As important as Marco Scutaro was to the Giants’ fantastic postseason run, the elevated play only raised interest in the 11 year veteran – so much so that according to Jon Heyman, teams are looking at signing the native Venezuelan to play the hot corner:

"october hero marco scutaro is drawing interest as a 2B and also as a 3B. he can do either but prefers 2B."

Scutaro, who played 15 games at third for the Giants this year hadn’t played there since 2008 with the Toronto Blue Jays, but his solid play in those handful of games apparently intrigued the interest of rival GM’s.

Thankfully the Giants do have a void at second, which is Scutaro’s preferred position, but do they have the money to part with?

Due for a substantial raise – do the Giants offer a two year deal worth $9/$10 or so a year? Is that enough? Or does a team overpay in years? We’ll soon find out…

While I don’t think some team will make an absurdly lucrative offer over the rest – I do think he’ll have a hefty amount of suitors he can pick from.