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San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain Tries To Break Glass With Needle On Discovery’s Mythbusters

By Bryan Rose

When Brian Sabean signed Matt Cain to a contract extension earlier this season, I’m pretty sure the normal contact stipulations were included. You know, the usual – no driving motorcycles, no “extreme sports”, no boxing or wrestling, no skydiving or hang-gliding. And of course, no wheelie poppin’, Jeffery Kent…

Matt Cain – Mythbusters

One item that probably missed being included in the fine print though was appearing on the Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” television show, which is exactly what Matt Cain did a few months ago. The Giants’ ace already appeared in a viral video a few weeks back but last night, the episode he filmed back in June of this year finally made air.

The show, which tests the validity of myth’s attempted to prove the validity of shattering glass with a needle, which of course, required a big league arm – what else?

So, did Cain and the crew bust the myth? Or did the myth hold true?! See for yourself, below:

Also, the above videos (for some unexplainable reason) don’t show Cain SHATTERING a needle (he turned a needle into freakin’ dust!1!11!) so if you get the Discovery channel, make sure you do your best to DVR it the next time it’s on. Your life wont be complete until you see it.