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Arbitrary End Points with Graphs: 21st Century World Series Baseball

By Stuart Jones

Most of us that are writing and reading blogs these days have lived every year of the twenty-first century and can remember the vast majority of things from those years, baseball-related or not. With the century starting in 2001, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the World Series appearances and titles of the many teams of the MLB. Let’s start with appearances (in blue) and titles (in red) for the NL West in the 21st century:

LOL Dodgers! Padres less LOL because they were in one in ’98, so they get a chuckle with one of those cocky smirks. Twelve World Series played in the 21st Century, and 4 come from the NL West. Not bad. Next, a look at appearances from all teams with two or more in the WS:

No surprise teams there, all teams that have shown they could play in the 21st century. You never know with the postseason, so these teams each had their own luck and matchups that ended up helping them when all was said and done. Now for the rings:

LOL Dodgers! But who knows, maybe they win the next twenty in a row to really rub it in to everyone’s faces. Long time to go in the 21st century to win this arbitrary end point battle, but clearly the point is that the Giants have got theirs, and I’ve been listening to that Ashkon video on repeat.