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Barry Zito And Sergio Romo On The Tonight Show

By Ashley Varela

Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Following Hunter Pence‘s musical confessions on Conan, Barry Zito and Sergio Romo made a post-parade appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Thursday.

While discussing the World Series run, Jay asked the pair how they dealt with media who tried to analyze the team’s chances of claiming a title.

“The perception that we have on ourselves, as a group, as the San Francisco Giants,” Romo responded, “I mean, we didn’t see ourselves as anything less than a playoff team, than a World Series-caliber team.”

From there, the conversation switched to the support and encouragement Zito and Romo’s fathers provided in their sons’ roads to major-league careers. Barry’s father, a musician by trade, devoted himself to coaching his six-year-old son on pitching mechanics, staying up late to study Tom Seaver’s The Art of Pitching. For Romo, the chance to play baseball came at the expense of his father’s plan to have him join the navy.

A couple more memorable moments from the show:

On the adjusted perspective of a married ballplayer versus a single one, Zito ruminated on the words of a bullpen catcher he befriended in Oakland: “If they’re single for a while and then get married, they actually think about baseball less. They go home and they’re focused on their family and being there for their wife. Because when you’re single, you obsess on the game. You’re alone every night and you go home and you’re like, ‘baseball baseball baseball.'”

Finally, Leno asked Romo about his newfound ‘Romobombing’ habit. Sergio’s response? “I just like putting my mug in people’s pictures.”

At his host’s prompting, Romo concluded the interview by crouching behind Leno’s chair and Romobombing him to a commercial break.