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The End All To All San Francisco Giant World Series Videos

By Bryan Rose

By reading this blog, chances are, you’d consider yourself a pretty big sports fanatic – at least when it comes to baseball. And being the big sports fanatic that you are, you’ve probably at one time or another came across the epic videos from NMAWorldEdition, also known as Next Media Animation.

If you need a quick refresher course, here are a few popular videos from the past…

Moving on, the Taiwanese animated news channel made sure to cover the Giants’ World Series victory over the Detroit Tigers in their own special and unique way; a special and unique way that was probably pretty similar to the way that former Pittsburgh Pirate starter Dock Ellis felt when he tossed his no-hitter against the San Diego Padres while tripping the fuck out on LSD in 1970:

Seriously. All that needed was some sea monster appearing out of McCovey Cove and Hunter Pence’s mothership picking him up to return to his home planet.

H/T to Golden Gate Giants