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San Francisco Giants Closer Sergio Romo & Fox’s Erin Andrews In Photobomb War

By Bryan Rose

The “photobomb”, as per the Urban Dictionary definition:

"An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph."

What it should read is “See: Sergio Romo“.

The San Francisco Giants closer has turned photobombing into an art form, even going as far as to rename it “Romobombing”. What started as some innocent teasing of Giants in-game reporter Amy G…

…has turned into a bit of a national phenomenon as the Giants’ other quirky closer has now focused his radar on the big boys. During ESPN and Saturday afternoon Fox broadcasts throughout the season, Romo made sure to pop his head in during any dugout report and continued doing recently, this time to Tom Verducci and TBS during the Giants and Reds Division Series. Now Romo has turned his attention to Fox’s Erin Andrews as he Romobombed her report last night – but revenge is on her mind:

"@SergioRomo54 not ok!!!! I will photo bomb u tom!!!"

Gif’s thanks to I am a shiny penny and Bay City Ball