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Torture Is Back – Reliving The San Francisco Giants NLDS Win In Video Form

By Bryan Rose

Because one day later, it’s still just as awesome as it was yesterday – in fact, maybe more. It’s like finding a magical unicorn that time travels, only to find out the next morning it craps $100 dollar bills.

And uh, if you happen to find one of those – let me know.

In the meantime, lets relive yesterday’s glory in video form:

Hunter Pence fires up the troops –

Angel Pagan goes Pagnanam style, making a huge catch –

Matt Cain and Buster Posey Go Strike-em-out-throw-em-out –

Sergio Romo closes the door on Scott Rolen, sending Giants to NLCS –

Buster Posey proves that he, not G.I. Joe, is the real American hero with a grand slam (with TBS, KNBR & WLW feeds)

Buster Posey on his grandslam

San Francisco Giants win NLDS (TBS and KNBR feeds)

San Francisco Giant players reflect on their win

Other videos, like the epic twelve pitch at-bat between Sergio Romo and Jay Bruce or the Cozart error allowing Brandon Crawford to score aren’t available to stream, most likely because their awesomeness level is too elevated.

To watch those, you’ll need to head over to SFGiants.com or click here, which magically will make you jump up and down like a kid on a sugar high.

Enjoy, my friends.