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Listen To San Francisco Giants Playoff Games (And Other Teams) For Free

By Bryan Rose

TBS, who isn’t exactly known for their top notch broadcasting, has exclusive rights to most of the Divisional Series – so if you’re outside of the Bay Area you wont get the pleasures of listening to the Giants’ crew call the games on radio.

Or so you thought (sort of – they may only allow ESPN radio).

MLB.com and Ford have teamed up to provide the MLB At-Bat app free this postseason, which will let you stream the radio broadcasts of each playoff series. The app currently costs $4 bucks, but by clicking this link you can download it to your ITunes for free.

So if you’re stuck at work – maybe stuck at some outside activity this weekend – or just don’t want to expose your ears to the TBS announcing crew, fire up your Ipod, ITouch or Iphone and get to downloading. Unfortunately, the free download is only available for IOS devices, so those with Android are out of luck – at least for now.

Once downloaded, you’ll need to open the app and then select the “lite” version. Once you do so, you’ll be sent to a Ford Sync screen where you click the “register” button (you don’t put in any info) and confirm your MLB account information. That’s it. You’ll get confirmation that you have a free trial through the World Series.