Buster Posey

San Francisco Giants 2012 Rookie Hazing Dress-Up

By Bryan Rose

Ah. To be a rookie at season end.

Per tradition, the San Francisco Giant veterans had some fun with their youngsters today before heading to SFO to catch their flight to San Diego. The rookies (and not-so rookies, like Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford who are pictured in the gray/orange and blue/yellow outfits) were given their unique wardrobes and the rest of the crew had their cameras in tow, ready to capture the resulting action. So what outfits did the old timers (namely, Javier Lopez who was in charge this season) pick out? Feel free to take a look – but don’t say I didn’t warn you. There are more packages to be seen than during a holiday rush at your local UPS warehouse.

Pics thanks to Amy G, Sergio Romo, Shane Loux, Jaymee Sire and more.

Thankfully Buster Posey had just enough MVP pull to avoid another beer girl incident…

And I’d venture to guess Madison Bumgarner also had enough weight to avoid rocking another condiment costume, though, part of me thinks Madison might just wear this out on the farm during the offseason.

The young Giants aren’t out of the woods yet either as they’ll be rocking their outfits tomorrow as they enter Petco Park, so if you’re in San Diego and see some spandexed men walking across the street from the Omni hotel….