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FanGraphs Talks To San Francisco Giants VP Chuck Norris, Uh, Bobby Evans

By Bryan Rose

San Francisco Giants’ Vice President of Baseball Operations Bobby Evans is pretty bad ass. If there was a front office version of Chuck Norris, I like to picture Evans as that man – just less prickly on the face. I also picture Evans riding up to AT&T Park on his dual-colored stallion, twirling his six shooters with Dick Tidrow as they tip their hats to opposing GM’s, after giving clearance to move talent like Charlie Culberson and Tim Alderson for Marco Scutaro and Freddy Sanchez.

Sure, Giants GM Brian Sabean gets the glory (or hate, depending on your preference) when a move succeeds or fails, but it’s guys like Evans who do the nitty gritty behind the scenes.

With a hat tip to our own Stuart Jones, FanGraphs’ Eno Sarris sat down with the Giants’ VP and put together one hell of an interview, that despite your feeling on sabermetrics, is quite the read. Evans covers a handful of topics from the current crop of platoons the Giants are dealing with, to injuries in the ‘pen to the Giants lack of walk rate in the post Bonds-era:

"Maybe we got too emphatic about the home run, and we maybe we got too emphatic about the defense behind our pitchers. We have never lost sight of the value of getting on base, though."

You can read Eno’s fantastic full piece by clicking here.