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San Francisco Giants To Leave Melky Cabrera Off Postseason Roster

By Bryan Rose

Although there was speculation in recent days from Andy Baggarly and Hank Schulman that suspended Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera would not be included on the Giants’ postseason roster, it appears we now have final word coming from both ESPN and CSN Bay Area that Cabrera will indeed not be part of the Giants’ postseason plans.

July 13, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Melky Cabrera (right) poses for a photo before his game against the Houston Astros at AT&T Park – ©Beck Diefenbach-US PRESSWIRE

Cabrera, who would be eligible to return at some point during the National League Championship series (assuming the Giants advance past the Division Series) had recently asked the Giants if he should prepare for the postseason, as he’s eligible to take part in the instructional league. The Giants, with the clock running down on the suspension, would be forced to make a final decision as they (per players association rules) must inform Cabrera and his agent of the decision, which will further result in how they proceed contractually (releasing Cabrera, etc).

Melky and his representation would be allowed to file a grievance when informed of the result, but, according to Baggs – they don’t plan on doing so:

"My understanding is Cabrera is disappointed, but he and his reps do not plan on filing a grievance in response to the club’s decision."

The decision to include or exclude Cabrera from the postseason roster is a two sided sword that has split the fan base. Some, while upset and disappointed in Cabrera’s actions to take PED’s, feel despite the poor decision – he deserves a spot on the roster – mostly due to the talent disparity between he and most likely replacement, Gregor Blanco. For others, it’s an unethical decision to put Cabrera back on the roster – not only for what he did to the fan base and game, but to his teammates, to whom he lied to and from all accounts – essentially ignored as a few players that reached out to Cabrera were ignored.

Either way, it appears the final decision has been made and there will be no Melk served during the 2012 postseason.

Agree or disagree with the Giants’ decision?