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Hat Gate 2012 – 49ers Alex Smith Nearly Fined 15K For SF Giants Cap, Giants Show Support

By Bryan Rose

Although San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Alex Smith hails from Southern California and has been spotted plenty of times wearing a cap from his hometown San Diego Padres, the Niners signal caller has opted to wear his orange and black faithfully in recent years, almost routinely during post-game press conferences. No big deal, right?

April 14, 2011; San Francisco CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith before the game between the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates at AT

Not according to the NFL – or as many call it, the No Fun League.

Smith broke the (silly) exclusivity rule, which mandates players cannot wear non-NFL sponsored gear of a competing league until 90 minutes after the final whistle sounds. In short, no items from the NBA, MLB, NHL or whatever other league you want to tee up.

The NFL, who has some of the most strict uniform policies in any professional sport did eventually rescind the fine as former 49er cornerback and now current member of the NFL’s front office Merton Hanks simply issued a warning to Smith, saving the former Utes QB $15,000.

Word got around to the Giants earlier today, where Bruce Bochy and his oversized head came out to his pre-game presser rocking a very small (and stretched out) Niners hat while Sergio Romo offered to chip in on the fine if they happened to smack down on Smith again:

"I mean I $5k on it if the homie Alex Smith gets hit with a fine!!! A ball cap?! Man! Haha #sanfrancisopride i think its pretty dope he supports his teams!!!"