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What You’ve Always Wanted – Massive San Francisco Giant Head Cut Out’s For Your Wall

By Bryan Rose

If you’re into sports – which you are, you probably already know what Fathead’s are. But if you don’t, they’re (in the case of players) life size “stickers” printed on durable vinyl that you put on you wall. Over time, they’ve expanded their collection to include not only players, but team logos, ballparks and even your favorite superheros. However, their newest release – the “Big Head” might be a bit over the top. While it’s one thing to have an action shot of your favorite athlete or even a picture of your team’s stadium, a two and a half foot sticker of your favorite player’s mug staring at you in the middle of the night is mildly creepy.

I mean – you get up to get a glass of water at 3AM and have Brian Wilson eyeing you down and try to tell me you’re not going to be creeped out. Which is why I just ordered seventeen of them.

In addition to Weezy, you can get most of your favorite Giants in massive head form – Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval and Angel Pagan all can be ordered if you’re into making a creepy “Giant” headed lineup. You can even get a Melky Cabrera one, though, it probably just looks really good for a while before it randomly vanishes off your wall.