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San Francisco Giants’ Marco Scutaro Ready To Re-Sign With Orange And Black

By Bryan Rose

When Marco Scutaro was traded to the San Francisco Giants earlier this Summer, the move wasn’t exactly met with glee on the oft traveled infielders part. While he understood it was simply a business decision on behalf of the Rockies, he didn’t hold that against them as he told Colorado reporters that he’d be interested in returning for the 2013 season.

September 4, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants third baseman Marco Scutaro (19) doubles to deep left center during the third inning at AT&T Park – ©Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Maybe it was a good will gesture on his part – maybe he was serious about his intent to return, but either way, it appears the lure of playoff contention, sold out crowds and a secure job has the native Venezuelan singing a different tune.

Scutaro told CSN’s Andrew Baggarly he would love to return to San Francisco next season and is even willing to get the deal done quickly as possible, allowing the Giants to focus on other priorities early in free agency:

"“I would love to come back here,” he told me. “I really love it here. There are great fans, it’s a great place to play. More important, it’s a place where you have a chance to win every year.”Scutaro even said he would be willing to re-sign during the short window of exclusivity after the season and before he’d hit the open market. He isn’t looking to shop his services as much as to find a place to call home."

With little organizational depth, it’s a wise move for both parties – Scutaro would be hard pressed to find a better situation on any contender and the Giants, well, it’s a relatively cheap alternative that fits the current mold well, who can keep the spot warm until Joe Panik  is ready or a potential younger (than Scutaro) free agent can be brought in down the road.

Sounds like Scoots and the Giants wont have any problem on getting a deal done this Winter – good news for all involved.