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San Francisco-Era Records Being Threatened by Players of the 2012 Giants

By Stuart Jones

The Giants have been in San Francisco since 1958, and that leaves 53 years for records to have been compiled, and it’s always cool to see if any are within reach. There’s one everyone seems to be aware of: Angel Pagan‘s triple count. Here are some other records I was able to find that may well be within reach for some of the boys on this year’s squad. Records marked with an asterisk (*) are records where the data only goes back to 2002.

August 31, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; San Francisco Giants center fielder Angel Pagan (16) slides safely into third base against the Chicago Cubs in the sixth inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-US PRESSWIRE

Triples Record — Willie Mays (12) in 1960 threatened by Angel Pagan (11)

Sacrifice Flies — J.T. Snow (14) in 2002 somewhat, but probably not-so-threatened by Buster Posey (8)

*Highest Line Drive % — Omar Vizquel in 2005 and Barry Bonds in 2003 (24.3%) threatened by Buster Posey (24.2%)

*Infield Hits — Marquis Grissom (27) in 2003 possibly… maybe not threatened by Angel Pagan (18)

*Sliders Seen (%) — Pedro Feliz (24.0%) in 2006 might get beat if pitchers only throw Buster Posey (20.4%) sliders for the remainder of the season

*Contact on pitches outside the strike zone — Melky Cabrera (82.9%) will beat Bengie Molina‘s 2008 mark (79.9%)

July 20, 2011; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants owner William Neukom (left) talks to former pitcher Kirk Rueter (right) during the fifth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at AT

ERA — Tim Lincecum (5.11) could outdo Kirk Rueter in 1999 (5.41) if he can’t get it together

WHIP — Matt Cain (1.03) and Madison Bumgarner (1.05) probably need a couple perfect games to catch Juan Marichal‘s 1966 SF record (0.86)

*BABIP — Tim Lincecum (.317) is not too far away from Rich Gale (.324) in 1982

*Highest Line Drive % — Tim Lincecum (24.9%) is currently beating Livan Hernandez in 2002 (23.5%). Lincecum also has the lowest Fly Ball (30.1%) and Infield Fly Ball (3.6%) since it’s been recorded.

*Swinging Outside the Zone % — Matt Cain’s 2011 mark (33.5%) leads Madison Bumgarner (32.0%), and Matt Cain (31.9%)

*First Strike % — Madison Bumgarner (64.0%) is creeping up on Jason Schmidt‘s 2003 percentage

So, what I’ve gathered from all this is that Angel Pagan is fast, Buster Posey is pretty good at baseball, and Tim Lincecum’s had an unideal year on the mound. But, there’s still 22 games left, so there’s plenty of good left to go.