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How Will The San Francisco Giants Do In Their Final Six Games Vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

By Bryan Rose

Starting Friday evening in the China Basin, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants will open a pivotal three game set which will be the final meeting between the two clubs until the seasons last three days in Los Angeles.

Despite being outscored in the first twelve games between the two clubs, 35 to 41, the Giants hold the season series at 7 games to 5 and will look to extend their current 4.5 game lead, putting a stranglehold on the National League West.

With only 21 non-Dodger games remaining starting with tonight’s tilt against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Giants have set themselves up to where even a split in the remaining six contests would force the Giants to lose five games (given their current 5 game lead in the loss column) in the standings in those final 21 non-Dodger games – by no means a certainty to win the National League West, but a nice cushion to fall back on if needed. Even losing 4 of 6 to the Dodgers would only result in the loss of two games in the standings, so mathematically the Giants currently sit pretty right now – but the game goes much further than what’s on paper.

How do you expect the final six contests between Los Angeles and San Francisco to go? Will the Giants put their foot on the neck of the Dodgers, will Los Angeles put up a fight, or will the two sides remain status quo?