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San Francisco Giants Shop – A Giants Themed Volkswagen Dune Buggy

By Bryan Rose

I admit I’m a pretty heavy collector of San Francisco Giants themed memorabilia and chances are, you are too – in some form (and no, I don’t have that silly Matt Cain perfect game bat…………..I have eight).

However, while I may have an overwhelming collection of Giants material, a car – let alone a dune buggy, themed towards our Giants is something I can’t claim to having.

The custom one-of-a-kind 1964 Volkswagen buggy found itself up for auction on EBay recently and after 53 bids and nearly $6,000 dollars, it was given a new home.

As for the buggy’s specs:

"Chassis: Restored 1964 VW pan, Historical Vehicle Plates – State of California, new brake system, new cables, updated 12 volt wiring with modern fuses, new key switch, modern working lights, new windshield glassBody: Fiberjet Cobra – made in Sacramento, CA – the body is NEW with new paint – paint is Giants Orange and black interior and black trimEngine: 1.6L VW single port – for reliability and good power, rebuilt with performance parts, runs strong and sounds greatGraphics: Custom Graphics Installed, Official SF Giants Logo, flag, blinking rear mirror light on windshield – it flashes as you drive,Wheels and Tires: Brand new wheels, center caps and lugs, new rear 50 series tires and Radial TAs on front in good condition – nice low profile tires for street look and appeal – this is a parade quality vehicle – you can drive each year in the local fairs, parades and car show eventsAccessories: large removable picnic basket, new battery, new fuse block and updated 12 volt wiring, Stereo speakers in the head rest – custom install with iPod or cell phone mount for impossible to steal stereo, stainless steel marine hardware and lockable engine lid,Known issues: fuel gauge is not working – new sender can be arranged at cost, seat belts installed per buyer request at cost – 1964 vehicles did not have seat belts!"

While the auction has sadly completed, you can still check out the rest of the pictures, etc, by clicking here.