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Guillermo Mota Set To Return To San Francisco Giants After 100 Game Suspension

By Bryan Rose

Earlier today, suspended reliever Guillermo Mota sent ESPN’s Enrique Rojas a message informing him that he was en route to Houston to join the Giants as his 100 game suspension is set to end. Many speculated about the Giants desires to distance themselves from Mota after his second positive PED test given the Melky Cabrera situation and the fact that many view the Giants as the poster child of the most recent steroid era, but with a bullpen in shambles the Giants opted to bring Mota back – potentially not the most ethical move, but one needed from an on-field perspective.

With an ERA that ranks in the middle of the pack in the National League (and falling as the Giants were one of the better first half ‘pens – only +.500 NL team with a higher ERA is St. Louis) it’s clear that the bullpen is leaking oil and plucking an effective arm off waivers isn’t likely given the Giants’ place in the standings. Mota is certainly no sure thing and he’s had his struggles – but given the current options, the Giants don’t have much choice.

Had the Giants’ pen been more effective or had they been a bit lower in the standings where they couldn’t have been blocked on the waiver wire, the Giants may have opted to remove themselves from Mota, but they have no other options currently.

It’s not the perfect scenario – but it’s about the only one available to the Giants right now.

So if you see Mota at your local Walgreens or CVS, just quietly escort him out.