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Watch The Giants’ Pennant Race On MLB.TV For $10

By Bryan Rose

If you’ve gone this long without splurging on MLB.TV or the Extra Innings package, assuming you’re an out-of-market Giant fan – now is your chance to strike. MLB.TV, who is celebrating their 10th birthday (seriously, it’s been 1o years already!?!?) is running a 24 hour special which can get you the MLB out-of-market package for just $10 bucks. That’s less than .30 cents a game just to watch the Giants’ season as it comes to a close – not to mention being able to scoreboard watch (literally) the rest of the races throughout the league.

The $10 wont get you access to playoff games, but, for the price – it’s hard to say no.

You can sign up for the rest of the season here, but just remember to make sure your subscription doesn’t auto-renew.