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Scott Hairston And Andres Torres On Waivers – But Don’t Expect Them To Be Giants

By Bryan Rose

It’s been no secret that the San Francisco Giants have been in search of a left fielder since the Melky Cabrera suspension went down. And it’s been no secret that despite the valiant efforts, they’ve been unable to come to a deal, for a variety of reasons. In some cases (Alfonso Soriano), the player simply wont waive their 10/5 rules. In others, the Giants don’t want to add any long term money (say like a Jeff Francoeur) but the biggest issue facing the Giants is waivers. Lovely as being in first place is, it’s also a detriment as the Giants are not only unable to block any moves from teams below them in the standings, but all of those said teams have first shot at any player the Giants would like to trade for.

Enter Scott Hairston, who the New York Mets placed on waivers recently along with former Giant Andres Torres. Hairston would all but be a perfect addition for the Giants as the 32 year old holds a .272/.312/.512 line with 14 homers in 104 games this season and is only signed through the end of the year.

The problem? His contract. Only making $1.1 million this year, Hairston has only $275-300K left on his deal – a deal that Los Angeles or a handful of other teams fighting with the Giants for a playoff spot could easily absorb.

As far as Torres goes – while I know many love the guy (as do I) and he’d certainly get through waivers, a reunion with baseball’s kindest fellow doesn’t make a lot of sense for the G’s.

With only a few days left until the waiver deadline passes, the Giants search for a left fielder continues to intensify but it’s looking like we’ll be seeing a lot of Gregor Blanco and potentially some spot starts from Gary Brown through September unless Sabean and company pull off a last minute deal.