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Giants Split Four Game Series With Braves, Blow Golden Opportunity

By Bryan Rose

For anybody who sat through that agonizing game, I feel your pain. As if the Giants’ on-field performance wasn’t bad enough, your ears were assaulted all night by Orel Hershiser and the ESPN crew who’s lack of knowledge was downright embarrassing. Continually re-hashing generic news along with all but awarding the Dodgers Championship’s until 2097,  the National broadcast was just about the only thing worse than the Giants display on the field.

Tim Hudson, who has dominated the Giants over his career continued his ways, shutting down the Giants from the start, winning his 8th game in his 17th career start versus the orange and black. The stingy right hander entered the 7th inning having only thrown just over 60 pitches, but was touched up for a run thanks to a Brandon Crawford sac fly. It was the Giants’ lone run.

Missing Panda – Dealing with one cold streak from a premier bat in Hunter Pence is hard enough – dealing with two at the same time is painful. Thankfully, the Giants have been able to manage thanks to the scorching stick of Angel Pagan this month but with Pagan cooling, Pablo Sandoval has to elevate his game in the seasons final month. The free swinging Panda has stayed true to his name, swinging at unhitteable balls in recent weeks. Sandoval has either had 0 or 1 hit per game since August 19th with only one extra base hit during that time frame.

Lincecum Wild Again – The strike zone certainly didn’t help him, but Lincecum was yet again iffy, especially with his control. While the Freak only walked two (both in the first), his pitches were up all night, changeup’s and breaking ball’s fluttering out at chest level. His pitch count was alarmingly high and he clearly struggled to get through his five innings of work. He did limit the damage, given what could’ve happened, but it was another rough start for the Giants’ ace.

The Giants will have a day off tomorrow while the Los Angeles Dodgers, currently two games behind, head to the thin air of Colorado. The Giants will resume play Tuesday evening against baseball’s worst team, the Houston Astros before heading north and taking on baseball’s second worst team, at least record wise, in the Chicago Cubs. Hard to imagine the Giants being okay with anything other than a 4-2 road trip at worst.