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Unlikely That Melky Cabrera Plays For San Francisco Giants Ever Again

By Bryan Rose

If the San Francisco Giants are able to make it to the postseason, suspended outfielder Melky Cabrera would be eligible to participate (he’d be suspended for the first four games) from

a logistics standpoint. More likely than not, if the said scenario unfolded, the Giants wouldn’t activate Cabrera until the League Championship series assuming they made it that far, but according to the Chronicle’s Hank Schulman – not only would the Giants most likely say no thanks – the front office is so upset, he wont be welcomed back next season:

"That said, I’m getting a strong sense that the Giants’ higher-ups are so angry with Cabrera for taking a performance enhancing drug and sticking a knife into their playoff hopes, that the chances they would let him appear in any postseason games this year, if he’s eligible, or re-sign him for 2013 are close to nil."

Cabrera’s dreams of riches hit a wall with his suspension, but they just about crumbled into thin air with the fake website scam. Few GM’s, if any, are going to be willing to give Cabrera any deal they couldn’t wash their hands of – not only from the wave of negativity he brought upon himself, but nobody really knows what Melky they’re getting either.

As Schulman points out – two months is a lot of time to cool down, so maybe the Giants do eventually change their minds and become more open to potentially bringing back Melky on a short, cheap deal – but I wouldn’t bet on it. With a burned, actually – more like charred bridge separating the two sides and the Giants’ history of being one of the league’s posters for steroid use, proving themselves as an enabler isn’t something they’d find themselves too excited about.