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Have $1,000 Bucks? You Too Can Get Dirt From Matt Cain’s Perfect Game

By Bryan Rose

Depending on who you ask or what credit card bills you look at, I may or may not have stocked up on gear from Matt Cain‘s perfect game. From the semi-ugly t-shirts to the overpriced commemorative pennants, memorabilia from Cain’s perfect game flew off the shelves faster than it could be stocked.

And while you could simply go to MLB.com and pick up a 4×6 plaque of regular game-used dirt from a Cain start for $19.99 or even go further and spend $149.99 for a marquee photomint with infield dirt from the perfect game, you’re not truly “ballin” until you shell out $1,000 bucks for a coin full of dirt from the mound.

Nope – we’re not talking infield dirt that Brandon Crawford possibly spit on or even warning track dust that Gregor Blanco potentially laid out on – we talkin’ bout REAL LIFE PITCHING MOUND DIRT. THAT MATTHEW CAIN STEPPED ON. IT TOUCHED HIS SHOES. THE BOTTOM OF HIS SHOES.

So what do you get for your cool G?

"This Bronze Coin contains the actual dirt from the pitching mound from the Houston Astros vs San Francisco Giants game on June 13th, 2012.  This pitching mound dirt was obtained through the MLB Authentication program and can be verified by its numbered hologram at MLB.com"

Bawse livin, indeed.