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Cardinal Fan Arrested For Aiming Laser Pointer at Giants’ Shane Loux

By Bryan Rose

Watching the Giants game last night, you probably noticed a weird sequence in the bottom of the 7th inning that involved Shane Loux throwing to the dish while homeplate umpire Marvin Hudson sprinted out of his crouch, waving his arms in the air for time. The odd part was – nobody knew what the stoppage was for. Loux looked into catcher Buster Posey, who looked at Hudson for an explanation. Even the batter, Matt Holliday seemed unaware of why time was called – all players on the field looking seemingly confused while Giants’ broadcaster Mike Krukow said it was “something I’ve never seen happen before”.

So why the odd momentary stoppage? Well according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a fan (sitting in a luxury suite, none the less) was pointing a green laser at both Giants’ pitcher Shane Loux and Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny, mocking Matheny in the process:

"In the bottom of the seventh inning, Matheny saw a green flash on the mound where San Francisco Giants pitcher Shane Loux was winding up to pitch to Matt Holliday, officials said. The batter called a time out, and umpire Marty Foster appeared to be looking around for a few moments. Holliday looked into the stands as well before Foster resumed play."

Thankfully, Matheny spotted the moron and pointed him out to authorities who converged on the suite, but the boy was already gone. Fortunately, a Major League Baseball security representative saw the group of boys leave the box and watched as the laser was thrown into a nearby trash can.

The suspect was arrested and spent the evening in jail and is now awaiting further charges. The adult, who was with the group of boys, was uncooperative with police according to the Dispatch.