Buster Posey

Buster Posey Launches Mobile Game: Buster Bash

By Melissa Felkins

Buster Posey just became the first baseball player to launch his own mobile game. The game, of course, is a mobile baseball game, and it’s super simple to play, yet gives you incentive to keep playing. Think of it as a cross between Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, at least in simplistic concept and how it’s played. Swiping to hit balls, and then leveling up by completing tasks. You also gain points by hitting things, too.

The game takes you through Buster’s route from backyard baseball, youth leagues, all-american, college, and the big leagues. I just downloaded and played the game myself, and it took all of about 3 seconds to figure out how to play. The goal is to hit home runs. You start with 10 balls, for each non-home run you hit, you lose a ball. For each home run you hit, you gain a ball. Obviously, the longer you play, the more goals you can accomplish and points you can score, so home runs are key.

You can download here” Buster Bash (itunes link). It’s FREE but it’s only available on iPhone (4 and 4s), however, I installed it and played it on the iPad (it’s just not designed for iPad yet). I can imagine soon enough it’ll be available on other formats.

Official site is here: Buster Bash Official Website. It’s really nothing more than links to download and their Facebook and Twitter pages.

So, if you’ve downloaded it and tried it, what do you think? Personally, I liked the simplicity of it. I’m not sure it’ll be as addicting  as some of the more popular games, but baseball fans should at least check it out.