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Giants’ Hunter Pence, ESPN, A Video Camera And Free Time

By Bryan Rose

This video is kind of old – okay, actually it’s Hunter Pence when he was still a member of the Houston Astros so it’s over a year old. Because of that, let’s just pretend it’s some amazing thing I dug out of the vault and dusted off because I’m neat like that.

Anyway, Pence was given a handheld camera by ESPN for a magazine feature back in 2009 and the pesky outfielder took you through a day in the life of a Major League ballplayer. From breakfast with Geoff Blum to harassing then Astro Michael Bourn about his Timberland boots, it shows a unique side to the newest Giant that sometimes we don’t get to see as fans.

There’s nothing groundbreaking or overly hilarious in the piece, but it’s still an interesting watch. And needless to say, Pence should’ve taken up bullpen coach Stretch Suba on his $5K bet, given he just about hit the Coke bottle at AT&T earlier this year.

Also, I apologize about Pudge holding the bat like it’s his penis. And you’re welcome that image is now burned into your head. Enjoy – the video, that is. Well, enjoy the other thing too, if you’re into that – pervs.