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Phillies Trying To Pawn Hunter Pence To Giants, Create NL West Drama

By Bryan Rose

Although it’s appearing as if the Philadelphia Phillies wont be in the 2012 postseason, they’re certainly doing their best to alter the landscape of it without participating. Now set to trade Shane Victorino to the Los Angeles Dodgers (now complete and confirmed), the Phillies continue to try and trade Hunter Pence to the San Francisco Giants, doing their best to pit the two NL West teams against each other.

Pence, who Philadelphia acquired at last seasons trade deadline for two high level prospects, hasn’t performed up to expectations and when combined with his hefty salary, you wonder what type of return the Giants would be forced to part with. Much of the departing bounty will probably depend on how much of Pence’s salary the Phillies pay, assuming a deal gets completed but it’s clear the Phillies want to get the Giants to bite on the awkward outfielder.

Per Jim Salisbury:

"Phils have been trying to sell Giants on Pence for a week. With Vic likely to LAD, Ruben pitting 2 NL West clubs vs each other. Smartypants"

Per Jerry Crasnick:

"#Phillies are still discussing Pence deal with #SFGiants even though they’re about to trade Victorino to #Dodgers, source says."