SF Giants News

Say Goodbye, Aubrey Huff

By Ashley Varela

Aubrey Huff is to the Giants as Franklin Gutierrez is to the Mariners.

Sure, he hasn’t been hit in the face by a pickoff throw—yet—but the poor guy can’t seem to catch a break.

In his third at-bat since a 7-week trip to the DL, Huff lined a perfect double-play ball to second base. Whether it was dumb luck or an extra-contagious case of clown ball, New York Met Ronny Cedeno bobbled it just enough to force Crawford out, score Belt, and leave Huff limping back to the dugout.

In the aftermath of what looks to be another season-halting injury, any immediate reports were lost in the flurry of “OMG Matt Cain is pinch-running” tweets. However, we have this comment circulating from Bruce Bochy, via Andrew Baggarly:

"“I’ll have more for you tomorrow,” Bochy said. “That’s a concern. He wasn’t getting down the line good. He hurt his knee again. We’ll see what we’re going to do there.”"

At the rate that Huff has dealt with personal, physical, and mental issues this season, another setback could be the last push towards retirement. And, while it’s unfair to scrutinize his numbers based on such an anemic sampling of plate appearances, it may be worth noting that he’s seen a .247 wOBA, .150/.288/.250 batting line, and -0.3 WAR in just 73 trips to the plate.

It would not be surprising or unwelcome to see Huff hang up his cleats by October—not just because we’re all hoping that Brandon Belt figures it out by then, but because Aubrey deserves a proper send-off for his contributions to the 2010 World Championship team.

Tonight’s lucky productive out may be the last flicker of life we see from Huff’s bat. It may represent his last appearance for any MLB team. Or, as is often the case, we may be overreacting to a short stint on the DL. Whatever the case, we wish Aubrey Huff a quick recovery and the best of luck in whichever path he chooses going forward.