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Giants’ GM Brian Sabean Appears To Be Showing Interest In Royals’ Broxton, Not League

By Bryan Rose

Interested in a bat, San Francisco Giants’ GM Brian Sabean has plucked the wire for an available offensive upgrade but has continued to come up empty. That hasn’t stopped his pursuit of bullpen help though as he’s shown interest in just about any arm that has closing experience.

While some higher profile names like Cleveland’s Chris Perez have popped up, cheaper options like Seattle’s Brandon League and Kansas City’s Jonathan Broxton continue to be the names most commonly heard in the rumor mill. Thankfully though, Brian Sabean, appearing on Jim Bowden’s XM Radio show this morning confirmed the Giants most likely aren’t going to be in on League (who’s apparently close to being traded according to MLB Trade Rumors). Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for KC’s Jonathan Broxton, who Sabean appears to have in his crosshairs:

"Giants GM Brian Sabean told us indirectly that he is interested in Jonathan Broxton (nothing going on with Pence or League) XM 89"

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.