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Giants Continue To Show Interest In Phillies’ Shane Victorino And Hunter Pence

By Bryan Rose

Few players draw the ire of Giant fans more than that of the Philadelphia Phillies Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. So it only makes sense that we could soon be rooting for one of the two, right?

CBS’ Jon Heyman reports today that the Giants are still showing strong interest in both of the Phillies outfielders, though, the price tag on Hunter Pence may be too much for the Giants’ blood:

"#SFGiants did great job acquiring 3 OFs in winter (melky, pagan & blanco) but are eying OFs now. #victorino#pence"

There’s been a good deal made about the Giants’ financial ability to deal for Pence, and while he will be paid a considerable amount next year (think $14 million dollars) the Giants will have a hefty amount of larger deals coming off the books at season end. Is it enough to afford Pence? Well, that depends on who you’d be okay with losing out on next year – the move certainly wouldn’t come without risk. That all said, the Phillies gave up two high level prospects for the awkward outfielder at last years deadline, so it’s hard for me to see them selling him at too much of a clearance price. Financially, it would be a semi-hardship on the Giants’ payroll, but prospect wise? I can’t see the Giants affording the Phillies price tag.

For what it’s worth – he’s out of the lineup today. Just a Sunday off? Or more to it? We’ll see soon…

Past Pence, the more affordable of the two Phillie outfielders is Shane Victorino who will be entering free agency at season end. However, like Carlos Beltran last season, any team that acquires Victornio will not be awarded with a draft pick if he opts to sign elsewhere for next year – which has its pluses and minuses for the Giants, mostly in the cost to obtain him from Philadelphia. Assuming Philadelphia decides to move on (which is far from a given) the price to obtain Victorino shouldn’t be too overwhelming considering the free agent factors looming.

Neither player has performed up to their salaries this year, so it’ll be interesting to see what the Phillies deem a worthwhile payment for their outfielders, assuming they decide to trade them at all.

And hey – look at the bright side. At least we don’t have to trade Zack Wheeler for one of them.