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San Francisco Giants’ GM Brian Sabean Working 12 Hour Days, Trying To Find Trades

By Bryan Rose

The San Francisco Giants appear to be dead-set on adding some new blood before next week’s trade deadline, so much so that GM Brian Sabean has been working 12+ hour days attempting to get some deals done:

"Bruce Bochy just told us that Brian Sabean is locked down in the war room working 12 hour days trying to make a trade..Closer & 1B or RF BAT"

With the Giants unable to trust Brandon Belt or Santiago Casilla in the midst of a pennant race, the orange and black brass are on the lookout for temporary replacements (at least, you hope so in Belt’s case) to fill the desired needs.

It’s hard to imagine the Giants picking up any serviceable talent without expanding their “rainy day fund”, so, it’ll be interesting to see what talent they deem an ‘upgrade’ from the current crop of players who aren’t getting the job done, especially if they don’t open their wallet much.

Either way, it’s almost a certainty at this point that there will be new Giants within the week.