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San Francisco Giants’ Brandon Belt Ethers His Haters

By Bryan Rose

Tired of the mounting struggles and backlash, Brandon Belt took to the blog he shares with Brandon Crawford this afternoon and let it all hang out. Belt delved into a variety of topics, from his supposed confidence issues, to Bochy’s decision to bench him, to the ‘body language’ so many have put the spotlight on:

"I’m going to get right to the point.One, I have not lost my confidence.Two, I have no trouble with Bruce Bochy sitting me while I’m struggling.The manager’s job is to put his best possible lineup on the field every night. Of course he should sit me right now. That’s what’s best for the team. That’s why there are 25 guys on a roster. When one guy is hitting the skids, there’s someone else to pick up the slack.….I’m learning a lot this season, and one lesson is that I shouldn’t talk to the media right after a bad game when I’m feeling really lousy about letting the team down. We lost that game in Philadelphia because of me. I left so many guys on base. I didn’t come through when my team needed me. There is no worse feeling. So when the reporters came up to me right after the game, I said what I was feeling in that moment – and it came out sounding like I didn’t believe in myself."

To read the rest of Belt’s entry, click here. It’s well worth your time and certainly interesting to see how Belt deals with the struggles from the horses giraffes mouth himself.