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San Francisco Giants In Trade Market For…Everybody

By Bryan Rose

If you’re currently either unhappy with your role, aging or on a team that’s out of a pennant race and you’ve hit more than two home run’s this season, congrats – you’re on the San Francisco Giants’ radar!

The Giants have been linked to numerous names in the past few weeks, be it Rick Ankiel, Placido Polanco, Hanley Ramirez – heck, they’ve even had scouts checking out Tampa Bay’s James Shields for rotational help. But no name might bring more fear and cringing than that of Colorado’s Jason Giambi, who was recently suggested by Baggs in his game recap from last evening. Keep in mind, it’s just a suggestion from Baggarly – there’s no indication that the Giants are actually interested. Still – *shivers*.

With a bench that essentially consists of Emmanuel Burriss, Nate Schierholtz and Justin Christian, it’s obvious the Giants are in severe need of an upgrade but hoping for a replication of a Cody Ross type scenario is dreaming. Instead, the Giants just need to make sure whatever addition they do make, it doesn’t replicate that of Jose Guillen.

There’s just over a week left until the 2012 MLB Trade Deadline concludes, so expect of a week full of rumors and spin. Temper the expectations though as the Giants can’t afford to add much salary nor do they have a gluten of prospects to trade, especially for a spot power bat, assuming that is indeed what they bring in.