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Giants’ Manager Bruce Bochy Says They’re In The Market For A Bat, Maybe Two

By Bryan Rose

While speaking to ESPN’s Jim Bowden earlier today, San Francisco Giants skipper Bruce Bochy dropped a few nuggets, one of them pertaining to the Giants’ trade deadline plan. Boch didn’t break any news that we hadn’t quietly heard before, but did mention the Giants are going to be on the lookout for bats:

"Bruce Bochy just told us that their priority at the trade deadline is to acquire a bat or maybe 2"

It’s pretty easy to detect that one of the said bats would mostly be off of the bench. Giants GM Brian Sabean not so long ago mentioned the black and orange would like a right handed power hitter off the pine, but the second potential bat raises questions – like where do the Giants feel they can upgrade at, offensively?

It’s difficult to imagine the Giants breaking up the current outfield core, even though Gregor Blanco‘s game has slipped a bit, so you can probably cross that off the list. At the corner positions, the Giants seem set with Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt (at least, one could assume so) which leaves backup catcher and the middle infield positions. All three positions could be upgraded, but all three would come with a hefty price tag to upgrade offensively – a cost the Giants probably couldn’t afford.

Either way, it’s interesting to see the Giants are thinking of a mini offensive overhaul before the season enters its final two months.