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Giants’ Matt Cain To Start All-Star Game For National League

By Bryan Rose

Although not officially announced (that will come later in the day), it appears that Matt Cain will get the starting gig for Tuesday’s All-Star game. Many expected New York Met R.A. Dickey to get the opening spot, but there were a handful of skeptics that feared Dickey’s knuckleball as too good, resulting in bad TV. And no, I’m not kidding.

While I wont go that far as to speculate as to the reason for Cain getting the election over Dickey, it’s hard not to say either is deserving of the spot – though I’m sure Mets GM Sandy Alderson would beg to differ.

Cain will become the sixth Giant to start the Mid-Summer classic, the last being none other then everybody’s favorite freak, Tim Lincecum in 2009.