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What to do about the ASG

By Stuart Jones

Can you imagine how baseball history would’ve been different in 2001, 2003, 2006, and 2011 (to name a few from this century) had the Fall Classic have been decided by something other than one game in July? You never know what could’ve happened, and clearly Josh Hamilton is wondering the same thing. There’s a lot of people who are pretty cynical about the “meaning” of the ASG often mocking how “this time it counts,” but so far, I haven’t heard of a better idea to make the MLB All Star Game more interesting than any of the other ASG offered by any other professional sports. They’re all exhibitions, and to me, they’re all quite boring. Sure, it’s a showcase of the best players, and gives us superteams that we might only see in a “Space Jam” scenario, but whether we want its result to control something else is a whole ‘nother matter. We all know that this is the reason why MLB decided to take action on the ASG:


That, and, ASG ending up in a tie is pretty stupid. But what other options do we have for the ASG? Or deciding home-field advantage for the World Series? How about these ideas:

All-Star Game:

1) Have the ASG result decide what league gets to host the ASG the following season.

OR 2) Award four of the five’s winning league’s playoff teams the opportunity to play a regular season series out of the country (although this may seem like a punishment for some fans)

OR 3) The winning team gets to play another country’s all star team in what I’ll call: The “World Baseball Classic”

World Series: 

1) Have the team with the better regular season record host the World Series, with a head-to-head tiebreaker, then a strength of schedule tiebreaker, then a “how many crappy players on your team have you had to overcome” tiebreaker using pitcher wins and pitcher saves and team RBI totals as the metric.

That option will also be a better idea because starting in 2013 with the endless interleague we probably get a better sample size overall for which team’s play over many months deserves to host at least four of the October-November games. So get on it, Selig, because I know you care about my ideas.